IMPORTANT: Our Website does not display properly on mobile phones, it is better to view on computers. Otherwise please check timings carefully to avoid booking the wrong times.

We are bringing you amazing classes again in 2020!

Your Tutors include:

  • Jo Johnson and Aly Johnson from Imagine If,

  • Tracey Reynolds and her team from Paperzone,

  • Paula Saunders from Craftables,

  • June and Paula from Faith Pocock's Craft Studio

  • Danielle Doherty from Lady Garbo Journals


- Classes will need to be pre-booked and paid for via each tutors website or via email using the links below and make sure you book quick as we expect classes to sell out fast!

- You must have a ticket to FYI Craft Show to attend any class - tickets can be purchased via the ticket link above, one of the shops listed on the Tickets page, or at the door!

- Please make sure you don't double book yourself into classes on at the same time - if you want to do multiple classes running in the same time slot, you will need to ask the individual tutors if a kit is possible or available for the classes BEFORE you book them.

- Individual Tutors will email you class lists of what to bring no later than one week prior to the date of the class. If you have not heard from the tutor by then please contact them directly.

- Please be aware that due to the nature of holding classes at a big venue all tutors have had to pay a classroom hire fee and therefore included a portion of that into the prices of each class, while still trying to keeping the classes as affordable as possible.

- Once your classes are booked you CANNOT CANCEL - the tutors have to order stock and purchase product well in advance of a show so if you suddenly are unable to attend a class you booked, you will need to take a kit UNLESS a tutor is able to fill your spot with another attendee.

Please note that due to the unpredictable nature of the virus, should something occur and the levels change forcing FYI Craft Show to be cancelled then all classes MUST BE TAKEN AS KITS - where a kit is unable to be provided by the tutor then they will refund the fee. PLEASE BE UNDERSTANDING that the tutors and retailers that attend FYI will loose out should this event not go ahead so please be gentle with any issues and understand the difficulty of this situation for SMALL BUSINESSES such as theirs.

Disclaimer: Each tutor is responsible for their own classroom, classes and pricing. In the event that a class cannot be carried out it is the tutors responsibility to provide kits or refunds not the responsibility of FYI Craft Show. Any questions, issues or disputes regarding classes are to be resolved directly with the individual tutor or company whose class has been booked into.

COMING SOON 2021 Classes: